You can make Light Rail safer and bring justice for Nic

Help by calling Nora Slawick, Chair of the Met Council, and tell her the limited resources of Metro Transit should be used to make the light rail safe, not on lawyers to battle the families it hurts.

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Nora Slawick
Met Council Chair

Two years after Nic Westlake was killed by a negligent Light Rail Operator, the Met Council has not acknowledged making ANY safety changes as a result of this incident and continues to have operators make these mistakes. Instead they choose to drag his family through a long and painful legal dispute, despite state protections that already put an insulting value on Nic’s life. They have yet to contact his fiancé and passenger Neli to discuss the incident.

The Twin Cities lost a generous volunteer, a beautiful dancer, and a brilliant programmer when a Light Rail operator negligently drove through a stop signal. Please Call Met Council Chair Nora Slawick at 651-602-1453 and tell her:

Make this stop!

Nic’s Family is deeply committed to making Light Rail a safe and productive part of the community. The Met Council should see the value in the simple safety upgrades they have proposed and implement them without hesitation:

  • Introduce cameras to the Driver’s cabin
  • Improve visibility and consistency of rail operator signals
  • Introduce consistent and identifiable paint schemes on the ends of cars to improve visibility
  • Add automatic braking mechanisms to prevent operator error at a stop signal or other collisions